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Welcome to My Harley-Davidson® Australia

My 2009 Harley-Davidson® ROAD KING® (NRMA Review) purchased in July '09 replaces my first Harley-Davidson, a 1998 Road King Classic, purchased in Nov 2008.

I bought my First Harley-Davidson® after two comments from friends.."Real men own motorcycles, old men talk about when they are going to get one" (Brad M.)  and "Why wait?" (Roy P.)

My '98 Road King was a low risk way to see if if a Harley-Davidson motorcycle suited me and also to determine if owning another bike, Harley-Davidson or not, after such a long break was a dream or a need.

After putting over 7,000k's on the old Road King in 8 months the justification to update to a new Harley-Davidson was easy. My Harley-Davidson Australia site will now be a personal record of my Harley-Davidson Road King ownership, experiences, the rides, costs and thoughts so as I get older I won't have to remember where I've been.

 Harley Davisdon Australia: 98 Road King Motorcycle Engine Australian Harley Davidson Australia: Riding my Road King

Upcoming Rides on My Harley-Davidson

September 2012 - Having a crack at a BBG2500

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Harley Davidson Australia: 2009 Road King Picture


Disclaimer: This non commercial website and its content is not affiliated with or associated in any way with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Harley-Davidson Australia, the Harley-Davidson Owners Group® or any Harley-Davidson® Dealers in Australia.  The use of the terms Harley-Davidson, and Road King® are unavoidable because that's what I own and ride.  This website,  called "My Harley Davidson" , and any opinions or comments expressed herein are purely about my Harley-Davidson Road King ownership experience, a truly great experience at that. I have no intention whatsoever to infringe on any trademarks or copyright ownership of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company or anyone else.