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Harley Davisdon Screamin' Eagle Stage II 103 Kit

By Wom Battle

Ok, despite the slight debacle getting it fitted, what's my opinion of the Screamin' Eagle Street Legal Big Bore Stage II Kit for EFI Models - 103 Cubic Inches (to give it it's full name in the 2010 Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle parts manual)........ I love it!

I already had Vance and Hines Basic Slipons fitted to the bike to stop the exhaust being choked, the Stage II Kit adds (please note I'm not technically oriented!)

  • 103 big bore cyclinders (taking it from 1584cc to 1690cc)
  • big bore flat top pistons
  • stage II (SE-255) cams
  • stage 1 air cleaner kit
  • a high performance clutch spring
  • Screamin' Eagle Pro Super Tuner
  • some bits and pieces not worth listing

When I picked my Road King up and started it I immediately noticed the fatter exhaust note.  The clutch was slightly heavier, which was almost embarrassing when I took off because it was also adjusted a little shorter than previously so I nearly stalled it. 

While being very careful because it's time to run the Harley in again, I immediately noticed the additional responsiveness, and again the different exhaust note!  Sadly I only got to ride it a very short distance back to the garage in traffic and I had to take it very easy but the difference was impressive.  That was yesterday.

Today however, I got an opportunity to take it for a quick run out the link road onto the freeway and it was time to be very impressed.  I'm not after an all wheel spinning, tar ripping, stump pulling behemoth.  My goal was to add some torque down low and get a little more acceleration while cruising without having to change down.  The 103 kit has done that perfectly for me. 

The engine will now pull away smoothly in 6th from 100kph, it struggled a little before.  In 5th from that speed it just takes off and I believe it would have no problems at all racing up to 140kph+ if I were ever inclined to break the speed limit.  Cruise control on at 110 - 120kp on the freeway sees it effortlessly heading up decent inclines in the road without showing any of the previous signs of having to work at it. The whole bike felt....ummm.... lighter and free-er to be on (if that makes sense to the rider in you).  It now seems ready to go rather than happy to plod along.

I can't wait to load the Road King up with my son, bags full of luggage and head off to Victoria next week to give it a good run and test the upgrade the way I mostly use the Harley.

The local Harley dealership does not have a dyno, they have their own tried and true EFI Mapping they say is good.  My opinions above are based on how it is right now.  Once it's run in and the oil changed I'm heading off to the Harley Guru so he can work his dynomagic on it and I then should have the complete picture.  I can't wait for that either!

Another Bonus: After the first fuel refill post engine upgrade I was extremely pleased to note that the distance to empty was reporting 407kms.  I've never seen it more than 360 so it's clear that the changes have significantly improved fuel economy.  In the hundred or so k's I've done since it remained consistent.  I'll blog about that later, but put it here because it closely relates to the kit's installation.

Confirmed: Better fuel economy 30 - 40k's more from a tank, particuarly with BP Ultimate in it!
Confirmed: 103 kit gives extra 10kph speed down the straight at Eastern Creek (hit 180kph)
Confirmed: After 3000+ k's or so of touring 2 up, 103 kit's extra torque/power makes the 100 - 120kph range a much sweeter ride particuarly in 6th

Opinion: 103 kit runs hotter, I'm going to get an oil cooler.

Related Entry: On the dyno and get packing: Includes graph from dyno tuning the big bore 103 kit.



How many K's did you have to run it in for?

Posted by Buster, 13/09/2010 8:43:01 pm

Hey Buster, Thanks for your question. I did 500k's before they dropped the oil, got the dyno done and pretty much rode it straight to Victoria down the Hume. It was a steady run down there, about 1100k's and I considered it run in when I got there and rode it like my own after that. It has loosened up more since. Very interestingly the new 2011 103 kitted Road Kings/Tourers have oil coolers as standard, so my feeling about the 103's running hot may be correct :-).

Posted by Wombattle's Harley Davidson, 14/09/2010 10:25:55 am

I have been thinking and talking to many people about this. Having read your story, I committed to it today... :) I'm looking forward to the end of next week when I pick it up.. Thanks!!

Posted by Coffee , 21/10/2010 10:06:18 pm

You are welcome Coffee, enjoy it!

Posted by Wombattle's Harley Davidson, 22/10/2010 6:41:35 am

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