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FarRiders™ Found

By Wom Battle

It's not all that often you happen across people who like to push the envelope and tackle things like an IBA Ironbutt ride but since Zander and I with Heffy and a few mates took one on late last year we've tended to be more aware of others who have done it.  Over the last couple of months while mixing it with my non-local HOG friends I met up with two who had done an SS1600 in September last year and a couple of others proudly displaying their IBA patches.  Sharing experiences of this type of ride however didn't happen that often.....until I found FarRiders (note the capitalisation, it's important).

FarRiders are the Australian connection for the Iron Butt Association, they are non brand specific, non bike type specific and like the IBA are a very active group of people who have a passion for endurance riding.  Most importantly they are equally passionate about doing it safely and not doing things that attract the wrath of the rozzers.

There's two ways to become a FarRider, you can complete one of their organised FarRides or you can complete an IBA Certified Ride in Australia and produce the certificate. Their website is full of information including details of upcoming rides.  I've joined up (it's free), and since pillions are eligible if they fulfil the same criteria, Zander's in too.

The most common FarRides are FR10 (1000 k's in 24 hrs) FR12 (1200k's in 24 hours) and FR12 Gold (1200k's in 24 hours with documentation not quite to the IBA Standard). These rides are achievable and would be a good preparation for anyone considering an IBA ride (minimum 1610ks in 24 hrs).

They do rallies and a few other types of rides but the one of most interest to me right now is called an RTE (ride to eat).  Essentially a destination is defined, you register to attend the ride.  Then as part of the ride you must check in at the destination with evidence of your starting time (not greater than 24 hrs before the check in time).  You can nominate any of the FarRides mentioned above or an IBA ride.  If you fail to check in in the time window for your FarRide RTE, you get a DNF.  So the most important thing is planning the ride so you check in in time.  With safety as the overriding feature of these events there's absolutely no shame to accept or ridicule to suffer if you miss the check-in, just a lesson to be learned about planning or accepting that Murphy's rule applies here too.

You can either complete your ride at the checking, check in and do the rest of the k's and come back for the party or use the check in as a turnaround point (e.g. the halfway point of an out and back ride).  If you opt for the latter it's a lunch, a quick chat and your are on your way. This is the social side of the group.

Reading through the forums though is quite astounding.  Some of the rides these men and women do are astounding, for example a 100CCC Gold.  Sydney (or Brisbane or Newcastle) to Perth and back in less than 100hours. 50CC is one way in 50hrs.  Fortunately members post the details of their trips so you can research the routes, the right time to leave to miss traffic or to arrive at a spot for fuel when it's open, rest locations, motels with 24 hr reception who don't mind you arriving late and leaving early and hazards so the inconceivable begins to take shape in your mind.  The next challenge is born! 

There's also plenty of information about how to maximise your chances, things like auxiliary fuel tanks, enough lighting to cook a 'roo, GPS's, SPOT Trackers, websites your friends can use to track you to keep an eye on you (e.g. Spotwalla), farkles galore.  We are planning a crack at an SS2000 next month all things going well and the information I've picked up on the FarRiders website will ensure we are much better prepared than our recent 1600k run.

So, whether or not you ride a Harley-Davidson or not, if you enjoy riding longer days or are just looking for some interesting motorcycle related reading, check out FarRiders.


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March 2024