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Don't send me your details, don't contact me.  I won't record anything about you and I won't tell anyone you visited.  I have the utmost respect for your privacy and really don't want to know anything personal about you.  This is a personal site, the content in it is mine, the opinions are mine, unless you've commented on a blog entry, and if you do, the comments become mine. If you have an opinion about anything on this website it, or anything that's not on it, please respect my privacy and keep it to yourself. 

The site collects the usual web site statistics using web server logs and I might use Google Analytics.  I probably won't look at them but you can be sure that Google will suck whatever information that can about you visiting this site and continue their efforts to profile you.

The web server will write cookies to your computer.  The content management system the site runs on uses them to track sessions which only applies if you are logged in.  You can't log in so there's no reason not to accept them, but I don't care whether you do or not and the site will work the same for you either way.

If you are ever contacted by anyone from my domain, just ignore it.  It won't be me and if you respond you've been caught by spammers.  Don't even bother to tell them to piss off.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, don't invade my privacy by directing them to me.  Just leave the site, don't come back and we're sweet.

If you see me in the street and like what you've seen here, it might be OK if you let me know.  If you don't like it and tell me, don't be surprised if I tell you to feck off (derived from the word Feckless).

Note to spammers: I don't use any email for this domain so please don't bother.  I also hope your body festers and dies painfully bit by bit and that some hugely endowed gorilla makes you his bitch for a while on the way out.